Andrey Orlov (ORLUSHA) in Kyiv


Russian literary critic Dmitry Bykov named him the essential Russian poet of our time. And added that those who didn’t hear of Orlusha were beyond help, meaning that Orlusha’s world outlook and satiric perception of reality was bound to resonate with the thinking public.

‘…the people having even the most limited access to the internet and living in the state other than vegetative existence all can quote him from their memory…’ (Dmitry Bykov)

In 2014, he wrote an open letter to the Russian government to protest the annexation of Crimea and wished Ukraine happy Independence Day with a poem. In 2015, he sang the State Anthem of Ukraine on camera. Three years later, in 2018, he wrote a poem in support of Oleh Sentsov.
For his public stance, he was included into the list of 5th columnists in Russia.

In his poems, he touches on hot issues in a way that leaves you nodding in agreement with every word he wrote. Tens of thousands of people follow him on social media to read his latest poetry as soon as he posts it. His YouTube videos garner millions of views in the blink of an eye.

Orlusha (Andrey Orlov) will give a recital in @FEDORIVHUB on 29 November, in the run-up to the venue’s anniversary celebrations.
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