ATLAS WEEKEND 2020: Headliner Shower


At last!

The dates for the fifth instalment of the Atlas Weekend 2020 music festival have been announced!
The largest musical festival of Ukraine and one of the most notable open-air events of Eastern Europe is coming back to Kyiv’s VDNH on 7–12 of July!

During the Headliner Shower party in @FEDORIVHUB, festival founder Dmytro Sydorenko announced the first headliners of the 2020 edition:
American rapper A$AP Rocky and British indie-rock act Alt-J.

Atlas Weekend is an event that combines music, active leisure, educational and entertainment programmes, and the best Ukrainian street food.
Its goal is to introduce modern festival culture to the people of various backgrounds and to erase borders of cities, countries, and stereotypes.

Also, the organizers say that every visitor can become a part in a new Ukrainian romantic comedy filmed on the festival grounds in collaboration with the studio.
Anna Yelyseieva, the studio’s producer, commented:

‘It’s a bunch of stories, or rather novels, with different characters of different age. Not all of them even visit the festival themselves, but they all meet there one way or another.
They go on crazy adventures culminating in an equally crazy happy ending at the festival during the headliner shows. One of the characters will be a foreigner coming (most likely) from Berlin—because Kyiv is ‘a new Berlin’, you know. He will discover Kyiv as we know it: a new, stunning, and advanced smart city.
We will film at Atlas locations before, during, and after the performances. We will go all over festival grounds to different zones, so it will surely be colourful, bad-ass, and, most importantly, true to life.