Family Business Show. Why business owner needs a board?


IdeasFrist and FBN Ukraine invited business owners to THE FAMILY BUSINESS SHOW 2020 meet-up.

Vladyslav Burda — the founder and president of FBN Ukraine and the owner of RedHead Family Corporation. Vladyslav Burda initiates the creation of supervisory boards in Ukrainian family companies in a variety of fields. Presently, he presides on the boards of such companies as Barkom, Multiplex, and Resta. Also, he is a member of UCGA, IFG, and RedHead Family Corporation boards.


‘Why business owner needs a board. Corporate governance in Ukrainian private companies’
The secrets of corporate governance in Ukrainian family companies are applicable in the Ukrainian realities and were discussed based on the specific case studies. Also, the attendees had an opportunity to meet one of the most flamboyant private boards in our country.




– Volodymyr Trofymenko, a member of the supervisory board and the controlling shareholder of Multiplex.
– Oleksandr Pochkun, the founder and executive partner of Baker Tilly Ukraine, a part of the Baker Tilly International chain. A member of the supervisory board and the Head of Audit Committee with Multiplex.
– Vladyslav Chechotkin, the owner of online store, a member of Multiplex supervisory board.
– Roman Romanchuk, the CEO of Multiplex.
– Ihor Savkin, the corporate secretary with Multiplex supervisory board, the best corporate secretary in Ukraine as of 2019.
– Oksana Semenyuk, a partner and the CEO of Changers, a member of Multiplex supervisory board.
– Vitaliy Pysarenko, Kseniya Trofymenko, the NextGens with Mulplex company.


Important! The meet-ups are for business owners only.
They may be especially enjoyable to family businesses as well as privately-held companies, the owners of which engage in operational management.