FFFACE.me: get on the wave of trend


FFFACE is a team of creators that were among the first in Ukraine to enter the Instagram filter segment.  So far, they have made more than 20 impressive filters for themselves and their clients. Meet the team:

Yehor Kumachov, CTO. Over 10 years of experience in computer graphics, visual effects, and motion design. The creator of multiple masks that went viral. He worked on the projects for Volvo, BMW, Logitech, and Lego, as well as on a Black Eyed Peas VR project.
Dmytro Kornilov, CEO. A futurist with a history of over 10 years in digital marketing. Develops digital technologies (Publicfast.com, ZIR) and uses them to enhance advertising communication and businesses. Among his clients were BUD, Kent, Johnson & Johnson, Coca-Cola, Carlsberg, and PokerStars.

The professionalism of Ffface.me was not lost on Ukrainian internet celebrities either. Take Oleksii Durniev and Anton Murafa, for example. The collaboration with them resulted in a bunch of vivid filters that have started trending already. A bit of stats:

😲 Oleksii Durniev (2 weeks): Impressions: 1.5M; Pictures: 32K; Shares: 3.7K.
🤙🏼 Murafa (2 days): Impressions: 1.2M; Pictures: 28.5K; Shares: 5.3K.

Also, FFFACE has launched its first environmental flash-mob to show that your Instagram Stories can have an impact.

Together with Crello, FFFACE developed the Face of Earth filter.

This filter shows you and your followers the repercussions of the environmental disaster that is looming on the horizon. Make sure to join in and help the EARTH. Create your Stories with this filter and don’t forget to tag Crello (@crellogram) and Ffface.me (@ffface.me), so that they know when to donate money to environmental charities!