MasterCard and Ministry of digital transformation of Ukraine: Diia.Business


On 28 February, Diia.Business, a national online platform for small and medium businesses, was presented at @FEDORIVHUB.

The portal’s current offering is as follows:

– A business idea catalogue
– A list of the paperwork needed to open your own business
– Online services and support programmes for businesses—all on one page
– Entrepreneur Guide based on the materials from designated state bodies and leading companies of Ukraine
– Case studies and analysis of specific problems, issues and inquiries

Diia.Business comprises two parts.

The first is an online platform for entrepreneurs.
It contains a lot of useful information about setting up and developing a business. Business ideas are organized into a separate section. There, you can find short descriptions of businesses, templates, as well as a quiz to find out which paperwork you need to open a business. Moreover, case studies, Entrepreneur Guide, and all services are already available on the portal, all organized by the project team in one place.

But the real highlight of the service is its advice zone. In this zone, entrepreneurs can get advice on 12 topics, from the validation of business ideas and to marketing, sales, as well as legal and financial support. According to the latest news, this section of Diia.Business will be launched in end-April.

The second one is a network of offline consulting locations, the Entrepreneurship Support Centres.

There, entrepreneurs can get personal consultations. These locations will also include educational sections, where business owners can attend a conference or other educational event and learn something new. Also, pop-up locations will be set up for entrepreneurs to test out their products before sales and gather feedback. The first location of this kind will be opened in Kharkiv in end-April, and the consulting services will be launched simultaneously online and offline.