StandUp for women and loved ones ♥


We are always waiting for you and all of-age members of your family at Underground Stand Up!

The nights of hard-hitting humour about the life itself and relationships, about us all alive and authentic people—all this is Underground Sand Up.

It’s a great way of surprising your other half and make any celebration special.
The humour from Ukraine’s largest stand-up project never fails to strike a chord.
It’s a perfect treat for the connoisseurs of Ukrainian comedy and an excellent start for those who want an introduction to stand-up. A splendid night that will extend your life with laughter in the very heart of Kyiv is not something you want to miss out on!

All the rest is per usual: everyone can become a part of the show, and all that stuff…
Pay us a visit and bear witness to something genuinely unique.
But remember: you will never be the same again!

Event photo report: